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Ausstellung von Liliroze auf der photokina am FotoTV.Stand


Am Stand von FotoTV. in Halle 6.1 auf der photokina zeigen wir Euch eine kleine aber feine Ausstellung von der Fotografin Liliroze.

Ihr kennt Liliroze bereits aus unserem FotoTV.-Programm, denn wir haben über sie einen interessanten Film gedreht. Den Film könnt Ihr Euch hier ansehen.

Kommt uns auf der photokina besuchen und schaut Euch neben dem vielfältigen Progamm auf der FotoTV.Stage auch die Ausstellung an.

Das Progamm auf der FotoTV.Stage solltet Ihr Euch auf jeden Fall näher ansehen!




Biographie Liliroze:

Liliroze was born in Geneva in 1972. Her passion for photography is initiated in her early years due to the discovery of her father’s pictures, but it’s only later, after a master in econometrics, that she decides to devote all her time and energy to the art of photography. 

She settles in Paris, obtains her diploma at Louis Lumière School in 1997 and starts assisting many photographers. Liliroze’s work is enriched by her personal journeys, by colours and 
shapes, by the unexpected glance or the brief encounter of another human being. As the light goes down, in the frame of her camera, close to confidence, she transcends intimacy – and her photography becomes a painting, emerging from ancient times. Winner of the first prize of the pictures of the year 2009 (APPPF), fashion and beauty category, she is currently working as an independent photographer and carries on with her personal work at the same time. Her work has been exhibited in France, Switzerland, Brasil, China and Morroco.

“I don’t photograph what I see, but what I feel.”

Imprecise forms, soft blurred outlines become the echo of the remains of a dream we already had. An approach close to hallucination, at the boarder of the unconscious revelation, an apparent clearness or its negation, always denser, always more fragile. Everything culminates in that second of abandonment where grace and intimacy meet, turning into a gesture suspended in the movement of time.

4. September 2014 - 10:51

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